Is Organic Formula Better or Not?

One of the biggest ones I get when parents decide to feed a formula especially if they were intending on exclusively breastfeeding and for any number of reasons are now deciding to supplement or switch to formula this is shouldn’t I get an organic formula is an organic formula better which makes sense because we usually think if you have an organic food option it’s probably better well the answer is it completely depends formula is a very specific type of food obviously it’s not like just buying a piece of produce so I don’t have a straightforward yes-or-no answer I would fire back with a question of well how old is your baby and some questions about your family history if your baby is younger than six months old or basically is not eating solid foods yet or if your baby is older than six months old but you have a immediate family history of type 1 diabetes celiac disease or food allergy, all of these are autoimmune or in conditions then I would say it’s more important that you’re choosing a hydrolyzed protein formula for your baby than worrying about whether or not the original ingredients were organic this is because a hydrolyzed protein is going to be less allergenic and it’s been shown to prevent the risk of type 1 diabetes in infants who are at risk than for my line back down.

Since I don’t have live-in help which would be awesome but back on track so I would focus on getting a partially hydrolyzed formula that’s a partially hydrolyzed protein in the formula before focusing on organic and to my knowledge right now none of the main brands have a partially hydrolyzed option that is also organic and so then if you have to choose that and it’s not organic I don’t want you to worry about it put it out of your mind you have so many other things to worry about start with partially hydrolyzed see her baby tolerance it and stick with it if it’s going well if your baby is over six months of age and is getting solid foods and especially if he or she has been exposed to dairy before dairy protein and has no adverse reaction then I would recommend an organic formula. Now, there’s no research to suggest that organic is better but if we know that baby’s not going to react to the dairy protein an intact protein in the formula, then we might as well go for an organic option. The caveat is several organic formulas including Baby’s Only brand and The Honest Company which are very popular do not include DHA which is an omega-3 fatty acid which I do like to see in the formula. They don’t include these because they’re hard to source organically, so the answer for them is should just not include them at all.

If you choose one of these formulas that I would like you to add a do tha supplement to the formula to your infant’s diet if you feed a lot of fish to your baby you can skip this and don’t worry about it if you don’t then it’s nice to add that supplement because most other non-organic formulas do have it and the honest company sells a very nice infant child’s DHA EPA supplement so does Nordic Naturals there both of them are marketed towards children and I really like both of them, I think they’re safely made and there are third-party certified so that’s my very long answer to is Organic better? The short answer is no and it completely depends on your individual baby’s age and whether or not you have a family history of autoimmune disease or food allergy in which case I want you to be worried more about finding a partially hydrolyzed protein.

July 13, 2019 Sophy Gerard

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